Colour of Maroc

colour of maroc

The stunning new cookbook by Rob and Sophia Palmer documents their love of Morocco with beautiful images and wonderful recipes.

The two met on a shoot in Sydney and hit it off. Sophia was Moroccan/French and the couple married in Marrakech soon after.

Colour of Maroc documents the fabulous journey they made across the country from Marrakech to the coast, through Essaouria and up to Casablanca and Rabat. Next they went inland to Meknes, Fez and Oujda, which is right on the border of Algeria. They then travelled back toward Marrakech through the mountains, visiting wonderful villages along the way.

The book is split up into different regional sections, covering everything from street food and snacks to amazing family recipes they got from Sophia’s friends and family who helped shape their magnificent journey.

A fabulous slow cooked beef stew takes centre stage in the Marrakech chapter, made simply with a shoulder of lamb slow cooked with a few spices and preserved lemons. This subtle blend of spices and slow cooking is the corner stone of Moroccan food.

From the sea, a tangy sardine tagine made with a fresh chermoula shows how vibrant the cuisine can be and a roasted cauliflower salad with a saffron dressing makes the perfect accompaniment.


Colour of Maroc

Colour of Maroc by Rob and Sophia Palmer published by Murdoch Books £25

Available Amazon Feb 13 2014


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