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Get some quality chocolate through the letterbox with the new Cocoa Runners delivery service.

Sometimes a fruit and nut bar just doesn’t cut it. Never fear, Cocoa Runners are here! This awesome new service is built specifically for all you chocolate lovers who want the best bars out there, delivered straight to your home.

They’ve tried over 500 different chocolates (it’s a tough job…) to hand pick the best and send 4 bars directly to you each month. No two bars come from the same place, so you’re guaranteed to have a different chocolate experience every time.

We’re talking real chocolate made to a standard almost impossible to find anywhere else, all put into one handy box delivered to your door. Now that’s what we call Quality Street.

We loved the Marou bar made with cocoa beans sourced from Vietnam, packed with deep chocolatey flavour and an unbeatable smooth texture. The sweeter Labooko milk chocolate was also a highlight, nowhere near as sugary as any high street brand but with a distinctive creaminess that we adored.

Subscription boxes start at £14.95 for a quarterly subscription, or £16.65 monthly.

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