Michel Roux Jr at Cobblers Cove, Barbados


Master Chef Michel Roux Jr is going all tropical with his new residency in Cobblers Cove, Barbados this January.


The magnificent Barbados hotel Cobblers Cove is expecting a gourmet guest in the new year, as Michel Roux Jr will be cooking a series of lunches and dinners on one of the most stunning islands in the world, and we can’t think of anything better!

He’s partnering up with Cobblers executive chef Michael Harrison, a former trainee at Roux’s London restaurant Le Gavroche, who has risen the culinary ranks and is now introducing gastronomy to this beautiful island paradise.

The pair are teaming up to create exquisite menus and wine pairings for Michel’s exclusive meals, visiting local markets and food stalls for inspiration and picking up the freshest and most local ingredients they can find in barbados. Think yams and sweet potatoes alongside snapper and lobster – delish!

Cobblers Cove is the sole island member of chic Relais and Chateaux and has only recently rocketed onto the fine-dining scene offering its guests the oppurtunity to learn fishing, browse food markets and cook up their own catch. Pair this with Michel Roux Jr’s expertise and you have foodie heaven!

For more information visit cobblerscove.com

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