Clutch Chicken Restaurant


The days of fatty fried chicken have kicked the bucket as Clutch opens in Shoreditch.

clutchWhy did the chicken cross the road? To get to the others’ sides! Or fried, or something… There are no jokes to be had here, as Clutch chicken restaurant opens its doors in Shoreditch, serving up delicious fried chicken without all that guilt-laden grease.

Using their unique cooking method of frying their birds in groundnut oil, they’ve managed to bring all the crispy coating and tender meat you would expect from fried chicken with half the calories.

And it doesn’t stop at the chicken. Clutch are also serving up free range eggs on an extensive brunch menu, a fabulous choice of sides and some kick ass ‘clutchtails’ to wash down the whole peck-tacular affair. The only question now is what to eat first… the chicken or the egg?

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