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Look out London! A new food trend has landed in the capital at Cinnamon Soho,  and it’s a little cheesier than it’s predecessors.

Make your own Indian inspired toastie with this gorgeous Bombay cheese toasty recipe

Ahh the humble toastie, that childhood favourite that burned your mouth but warmed your heart when it came fresh out the sandwich press. If like us you get all misty-eyed thinking about these ooey gooey lunchtime staples then good news! Cinnamon Soho are launching a whole new range of these golden beauties, and they’ve taken them way beyond the ham and cheese we know and love.

They’re new range of Indian inspired toasted sandwiches go way beyond the call of duty when it comes to lunchtime, with sandwiches ranging from mild and mouth watering, like the spiced lamb mince and scrambled egg Keema Gotala, to the taste-bud singeing Bombay Burner that’s packing a scotch bonnet level of spice.

If it’s a melting cheesy dream that your heart desires then never fear, Cinnamon Soho have also got a unique spin on a cheese toastie by filling their South Indian Spiced Potato toastie with tangy red onions and lashings of cheese. If you couldn’t wait to bite into your searing hot sandwich then grab a refreshing shake (in banana, strawberry, mango or coffee) to cool down your toungue before you head out. Our summer lunches just got spicy!

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