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Ice cream gets nerdy, as Churn2 bring us liquid nitrogen flash-frozen scoops at Somerset House

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Now this is one laboratory where a meltdown means something completely different! The genius that is the Churn2 laboratory is popping up in their shipping container/ ice cream parlour, to serve up liquid nitrogen flash frozen ice cream, at the beautiful Somerset House this summer.

Liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream may have been brought to our attention by a certain Mr Blumenthal way back when, but Churn2 are the first brain boxes to have made these creamy-dreamy-sciencey cones completely portable!

A little like an ice cream van, with a lot more oomph and none of the jingles, Churn2 are setting up their very own kick ass renovated shipping container that is specifically designed to transport their unbeatably velvety ice cream all the way from the good old USA.

Three nitro mixers take centre stage at Churn2. The freshest of ingredients are poured into these space age vats to create ice cream in minutes. The process of flash freezing eliminates the risk of over-crystallisation, meaning every scoop, swirl and spoonful is guaranteed to be smoother, thicker and creamier than any ice cream you’ve tried before.

The will change weekly, with mouth-watering combinations such as strawberry cheesecake, lemon and basil and creamy chocolate and coconut, all to be enjoyed in a cone or cup. Mr Whippy who?

Churn2 will be popping up at Somerset House until the 30th of August.

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