Christmas Rehearsal Class at The Cookery School

the cookery school

Tis the season to get cooking! Grace Parry checks out The Cookery School at Little Portland Street for their ultimate Christmas rehearsal class.

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Ah Christmas, a time for family, sharing, presents… and of course the most stressful meal you’ll cook all year. Yes it’s true, Christmas dinner is everybody’s favourite meal of the festive season, but we’d all be lying if we said that it was the easiest. Well never fear Christmas cooks! The Cookery School at Little Portland Street is here to save the day with their ultimate Christmas rehearsal class.

The all-day course is taught in The Cookery School’s state of the art kitchen, with experts on hand to guide you, teach you and of course get you prepped for the big day!

You’ll learn absolutely everything there is to know about cooking the most important meal of the year, including getting the turkey ready for roasting, achieving the perfect crispy/ fluffy ratio on the spuds and creating sprouts that even the kids will dive into (spoiler alert: the key is bacon).

As well as learning a few tricks of the trade to make the day a lot simpler, you’ll also create a few dishes that are easily freezable/ storable, so you can take them home and not have to worry about one extra chore.

These delectable cheats include The Cookery School’s famous bread sauce, a Christmas cake perfect to indulge in or give away as a gift, and a jar of boozy mincemeat ready to be turned into delicious mince pies.

Wash all this down with a warm glass of spicy mulled wine to finish the day off and not only will you be in the festive spirit but totally prepared to kick Christmas dinner right into touch!

The Christmas Rehearsal class takes place on Saturday the 29th of November and is priced at £230

The Cookery School,  5 Little Portland St, London W1W 8BW

For more information visit

the cookery school

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