Christmas Desserts – The Cheat Sheet

christmas desserts

Let’s be honest, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a little indulgence. And what greater indulgence is there than a huge dessert to finish off an equally huge meal? But not everybody likes the traditional Christmas Pudding, and making your own on top of everything else can seem really impractical.

Luckily there are some amazing pre-prepared options out there that are decadent and delicious without any effort! Here’s our cheat sheet for three wickedly extravagant Christmas desserts.

Chocolate and Passion Fruit Popping Candy Tart

This show-stopping dessert is the brainchild of the one and only Heston Blumenthal. The rich chocolate ganache is cut with the sharp passion fruit, but the real kicker is that nostalgic favourite popping candy. You’ll find yourself giggling like kids as it explodes in your mouth at the first bite.

£9.99 Waitrose

Profiterole Gateaux

What do you do when you want two desserts in one? Combine them of course! This incredibly indulgent dessert tops a sweet chocolate tart with light creamy profiteroles. The profiteroles look gorgeous on top of the creamy chocolate mousse, and all you need to do is take it out of the freezer.

£3.00 Sainsbury’s 

Coffee and Salted Caramel Roulade

This roulade is made from a lovely light chocolate meringue rolled around a lush coffee cream and a salty sweet caramel sauce. It looks amazing when placed in the middle of the table and cut into to reveal the pale swirl of the richly flavoured centre.

£4.00 Asda 

christmas desserts
christmas desserts
christmas desserts

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