Chinese Dumplings- The Cheat Sheet


Chinese dumplings are a firm favourite with us, we love them all; steamed, fried or baked. Homemade are utterly amazing but can take quite a while. Here is our cheats sheet to the best dumplings you can get without spending hours kneading, chopping and steaming.

Zao Dim Sum Pork and Chive

We love the versatility of these dumplings, as they can be steamed, fried or microwaved. The pork filling is soft, and the addition of chives makes them wonderfully fragrant, these are so delicious dipped in light soy sauce and chilli.

£2.99 Waitrose

Ajinomoto Chicken and Vegetable Gyoza

These dumplings are so beautiful when gently fried, then steamed until cooked. They stay perfectly crisp and work beautifully with a fresh salad and some thick hoi sin sauce on the side.

£3.50 Ocado

Steamed Vegetable Dim Sum

These dumplings have a really delicate flavour and a lovely texture from the beautifully light dough. We can hear the sweet chilli sauce calling from the cupboard.

Marks and Spencer 

marks and spencer

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