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Chegworth Valley bring their beautiful produce and delicious juices to farmers markets around London. Check out the story behind their organic farm here. 

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Chegworth Valley has become synonymous with organic produce and quality from their raw products to their juices. Over 30 years ago Chegworth Valley was established by David and Linda Deme as they walked away from the news agency they owned in London to start a farm in Kent.

After buying a farm in Kent, they started to plant their apple and pear trees. Over the years the plantings were added to, to include berries. Realising that the supermarkets were more interested in size and shape than how the fruit was grown, they moved over to farmers markets simultaneously converting the farm to organic and pressing their own juices.

The whole of Chegworth farm is now certified organic: ‘The principles of organic farming are very important to us and we really feel that the flavour and quality of our fruit and vegetables are of the highest standard.  By farming organically we have been able to focus on producing the best tasting fruit and vegetables possible, without having the pressure of fulfilling strict size and shape standards,’ explains David.

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All of the produce is picked to order and the fruit for juices is handpicked ensuring the best apples are picked each time. The apples and pears are sorted by hand and then mechanically pressed.

It is a real family business Linda and David’s son Ben now looks after the day-to-day running of the farm and their daughter Charlotte looks after the shops. “This has allowed the farm to stay very true to its roots and beliefs and means that the standard achieved both for the produce and the juices (of which every batch is taste-tested by a member of the family) is extremely high.”

Chegworth Valley have recently launched a new next day deliver service in London and Kent for fruit and vegetable produce and whole-foods, chutneys, jams and juices through their website

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