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Charlotte’s Kitchen Grub Club | Supper Clubs in London

Grace Parry cancels her restaurant reservation to visit Charlotte’s Kitchen Grub Club.

As a food writer I’m always looking for the latest trends and new hotspots, so it was with the great pleasure that I surfed the Overground to Sydenham to meet Charlotte, a keen cook who was opening her home to host a grub club, with ten strangers ready to tuck into her dinner for a deliciously different night out.

In Charlotte’s gorgeous kitchen, we mingled over canapés and bottles of Peroni Nastro Azzurro Alta. My fellow diners included a couple on a date night, a few friends who wanted a night away from the same old restaurants and even a lady who saw an advert at the local hairdressers and thought ‘why not?’

We kicked things off with a joyously juicy board of miniature bruschettta, spiked with just the right amount of chilli, and a shot of creamy cauliflower soup, drizzled with nutty truffle oil and one of the nicest mouthfuls of food I have ever eaten.

Moving to the table, we sat down for a three-course meal, starting off with a room temperature onion tartlet that was topped with pecorino cheese.


The pastry was wonderfully buttery and crisp, and the almost quiche like filling was packed with silky ribbons of caramelised onions. Every plate returned to the kitchen spotless, what a crowd pleaser!

charlottes-kitchenThe main course was a huge ring of gorgeously tender porchetta. A loin of pork stuffed with finely chopped fragrant fennel, crunchy nuts and soft herbs, all hugged by a thick slab of crispy crackling and served with potatoes. It’s a hard dish to master at the best of times, but Charlotte pulled it off expertly with ten hungry guests watching from the table.

As plates were cleared away and our beer glasses filled, we chatted about work and what we had been up to during the week. It was really relaxed, intimate and a great opportunity to meet some new people with a shared interest in food.

A glorious dessert suddenly distracted me. A rich chocolate and almond cake, with a thick vanilla cream and juicy satsuma wedges, that was so light it was more like a mousse. With a few digestifs to round things off, it was the perfect end to a fabulous evening.


Eat Travel Live was invited by Peroni Nastro Azzurro to celebrate the launch of their Alta sharing bottle.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro launches their second bottle innovation – Alta – the new 750ml sharing bottle created to be enjoyed, together. Created with Italian passion and attention to detail the 750ml bottle brings Italian style to your dining table.

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