Celebrate New Years Twice With PrivateFly

New Years Eve | PrivateFly | Private Jet

PrivateFly are offering a luxury excursion for deep-pocketed travellers – an exclusive opportunity to celebrate the new year twice in 24 hours.

New Years celebrations are among the most extravagant events worldwide every year. PrivateFly are clearly among the most enthusiastic celebrators, as they have cultivated a 24hr party schedule that sees in 2016 twice.

This seemingly impossible feat is made feasible by the use of one of the worlds fastest private jets, and a meticulous plan. Kick off the evening in Sydney, and see in the new year after a full night of frivolities – then around 2am hop on your privately commandeered plane, jet over to Los Angeles and do it all again.

Using the magic of the International Date Line, you’ll land in LA around 7pm local time after a 12 hour flight. While the avid traveller may groan at such an extended journey, rest assured that it will be spent in only the finest lap of luxury – with state of the art music and film capabilities and fine dining available you can carry on the festivities, or rest your weary party feet and grab some shut eye.

Arriving in LA with the full night ahead of you, and having had the unique experience of travelling back in time (almost), draw 2015 to a close a full day after you started the most epic celebration you will have for a long time.

PrivateFly offer a private jet service starting at £8,400 per person for 18 passengers from Sydney to LA.



Words by Octavia Bromell. Follow her on twitter @tavibromell

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