Take 5… Cardamom Pods with Maunika Gowardhan

cardamom pods

We asked the very lovely Maunika Gowardhan of the Cook in a Curry blog to tell us 5 ways with cardamom pods. For more Fantastic Indian recipes from Maunika visit maunikagowardhan.co.uk

Green cardamom pods also known as ‘elaichi’ in Hindi has a very distinct heady aromatic flavour. Used in sweets as well as savoury dishes; the green pod encloses small black seeds, which when freshly ground can be used in curries, drinks, desserts and breads. It lends warmth and enhances flavour.

Coat chicken pieces in pinch of ground green cardamom and cinnamon powder, plus ginger and garlic paste, lime juice and salt. Cook on a hot bbq until done

Crush the pods into a simmering pot of Kerelan lamb Ishtew with curry leaves, ginger, coconut milk and chopped chillies. Discard before serving the stew

Boil rice with a few pods of cardamom. It will soak in all the flavour while the rice is cooking

Simmer 2-3 green cardamom pods whilst brewing your tea. The sweetness of the spice works particularly well with tea and coffee as well

Grind a few cardamon pods and add to fresh custard. Serve with poached rhubarb and crushed pistachios make a stunning dinner party dessert

cardamom pods

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