Burts Chips

burts chips

The Devon company making British hand-cooked crisps with bags of flavour, we catch up with Burts Chips

Burts British Potato Chips was founded 15 years ago in Devon by Nick Hurst with just one singular fryer. The idea was to create hand-cooked and flavoursome crisps using high-quality ingredients and no artificial ingredients. The first flavour Nick launched was the classic Sea Salt, which remains the brand’s bestselling bag. Today Burts are one of the most recognisable crisp brands in the UK sold everywhere from pubs, supermarkets and even the odd vending machine.

The crisps are still made in Devon in small batches, which are hand-fried and then delicately seasoned with a natural flavouring. These are crisps with a difference as Burts points out: “Burts Chips are carefully hand cooked in small batches to ensure perfect tasting crisps each time and you can find the name of the individual fryer on the back of each pack. Burts take Britain’s best-loved flavours and add a cheeky twist, including Firecracker Lobster, Spicy Chorizo and Jalapeno & Red Pepper.”

The future looks set to be just as innovative for the Devon team as Burts has teamed up with Guiness to bring the bold flavour of Guiness Rich Beef and Chilli to their hand-cooked crisps.

For more information visit burtschips.com

burts chips

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