Brunch Dining Tableware

brunch dining

We love a good brunch. Loads of great coffee with something eggie or something sweet, perhaps a little kedgeree or even a crab cake or two. It is one of those lovely meals, saved for holidays and weekends, which is worth spending time to get it right. To have a fabulous brunch you must have great produce, wonderful company and the right brunch dining kit. Oh and a white sandy situation always helps!
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What to See

brunch diningEspresso Maker

Brunch is not brunch without good coffee. This classic espresso maker will brew up the best strong stuff to get things kick started.

Bialetti Espresso Maker £36 Heals

brunch diningEgg Timer

This awesome bright yellow egg timer is such a design piece in itself, but it is also extremely practical, especially when cooking a boiled egg.

Alessi duck timer £34 Amara

brunch diningSugar Pot and Cream Jug

This handy set can be used for jams and maple syrup to make sure your pancakes don’t go bare!

Jersey sugar pot and cream jug set £22 Jamie at Home

brunch diningBreakfast Mug

Lovely patterned mugs to brighten up brunch and works for both coffee and tea.

Print pattern mug £3.99 H & M

brunch diningEgg Basket

A lovely country-style egg basket that keeps those little eggs safe until Saturday brunch time.

Garden Trading Egg Basket £15.90 Garden Trading

brunch diningJuice Jug

This statement jug will brighten up the table and is perfect for your freshly squeezed orange juice.

Blue Raised Design Jug £9.99 Zara

brunch diningPlates

Lovely soft toned plates just waiting for eggs, fruit and kedgeree, a brunch dining must have!

Royal Dolton plates £4.80 John Lewis

brunch diningWedgewood Egg Cups

Really cute little egg cups, with different designs on each one.

Wedgewood Royal Albert set of four £15 Selfridges

brunch diningFruit Basket

A funky fruit bowl shaped like a splash, with plenty of room for lots of fresh seasonal fruit

Dropp! Fruit Basket £38.20 Made in Design

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