Brindisa Launch New gourmet Spanish Food Range


When the sun is sinking in the sky there’s nothing better than a chilled glass of wine and some Spanish nibbles. Brindisa’s new range of Green Spain products are the perfect ingredients for whipping up some tapas for friends.

One of our favourite tapas bars in London Brindisa – known for the fantastic provenance of its produce – is launching a range of Green Spain products.

Green in this sense refers to the northern provinces Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and The Basque Country. The region’s wet and coastal climate lends a verdant and lush countryside that’s perfect for producing certain foods, including heather honey (from Cantabria), raw milk Tetilla produced by artisanal methods (from Galicia), and smoked fish (from The Basque Country).

The range includes: Cantabrian Heather Honey (£9.95 rrp / 500g) an aromatic caramel-like honey that’s collected from mountains, which are covered with five types of heather; Raw Milk Tetilla (£16.75 rrp / 850g minimum) a Galician cheese made using artisanal methods and raw cow’s milk creating a beautiful creamy, buttery cheese; Salt cod (£9.25rrp / 300g) from the Basque Country these 30-day salt cured cod fillets are perfect for traditional croquetas; Nardín Anchovies (£6.75 / 100g) and Nardín mackerel (£5.50 / 100g) are caught on the Cantabrian coast and smoked over beechwood then tinned on the day they are caught for the best possible tasting smoked fish.

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