Jackson + Rye Breakfast

jackson + rye I love a good breakfast. In fact I think it is my favourite meals to eat in a restaurant. I have my favourites, but like any glutton I am always looking for somewhere new.

Jackson + Rye opened last year on Wardour Street. The stylish restaurant has a small dining room front of house and a wonderful restaurant at the back, with huge booths and ceiling fans, separated by a mighty whisky/bourbon bar.

During a crazed, and far too late Xmas shopping trip I stopped off for breakfast in the restaurant and loved it. The menu was American inspired, with a nod to the South and the breakfast menu followed suit. Bagels, creamed grits and Monterey jack cheese melts led the bread section and eggs followed.

We had a wonderful farmers breakfast (£8.50) with fried eggs, smokey slab bacon, fried potatoes and a rather odd herbed sausage party, which was a sausage turned into a burger but equally delicious; and prison eggs (£6.50). Thankfully these were not rehydrated eggs, but instead silky soft scrambled eggs spiked with jalapenos, berlotti beans and spring onions. They were light and spicy and I have since made them at home! A side of
streaky maple bacon was smack me in the face good; salty, crispy and
deliciously sweet from the syrup that lightly coated it.

My sister lived in New York for many years and on every visit we would breakfast-out each day. This would be a multi-course affair, starting with eggs and moving onto a dessert. Thankfully Jackson + Rye flung a dessert menu at me on removing my empty plate and we enjoyed peanut butter cookies with ice cream (£4.75) to finish.

For more information visit jacksonrye.com

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