Bourne and Hollingsworth

bourne and hollingsworth

Bourne and Hollingsworth is the new hotel, restaurant and bar in Clerkenwell with bright floral decor and killer cocktails.

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Ferns, fronds and food – Bourne & Hollingworth’s Clerkenwell venture is a far cry from the same-same style of its Soho sibling. With a décor that will enchant even the grumpiest post-work imbiber, a light, bright ambiance welcomes your softer side. Sink into the wicker chairs and breathe in a surrounding inspired by the most verdant of gardens.

Though only a few months new, vines that climb the walls and creep around the fireplace add to the tranquil and contemporary décor of the all-day brasserie. It’s a greenhouse-like getaway adorned in hanging baskets of flowers and decorative palm tree prints. But what I’m truly charmed by is the conservatory; against a stunning white backdrop mismatched armchairs – care of London brand ‘House of Hackney’ and their iconic palm leaf and floral prints – complete the look.

This is a visually stunning affair with weathered white iron, one grand piano and an attention to detail that extends from the decadent brass and mirror bar and the curated collection of curios to the tasty cocktail and food menu.

bourne and hollingsworth

Like an all-year-round summer garden party it’s a throwback to the seventies; try the Hollingsworth Fizz blended gin with peach liqueur and the Tequilla Ginger Cucumber, a hint of smoky mescal will appear when you least expect it.

And while the cocktails are something to be revered, my taste buds are hankering for the rabbit and hazelnut terrine. A great winter meal that warms the innards and is best followed by the caramel fondant – an oozing pool of sweet spongy pleasure served with peanut brittle and chocolate ice cream. How’s that for a finisher?

Bourne and Hollingsworth, 42 Northampton Road

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