Boot Camp Diet Plan

boot camp diet

Summer’s finally here, and with it come a plethora of boot camp courses and intensive fitness classes promising to get us in shape for the beach. Aiming to maximise the effects of these fitness regimes is the brilliant new ‘boot camp diet’ plan- we tried it out to investigate.

The boot camp diet plan consists of a range of calorie controlled, high protein meals and snacks which are pre-prepared and flash frozen before being delivered directly to you. The meals are frozen at -35 degrees to preserve nutrients, making the meals a lot more nutritious than other pre-prepared diet meals which lose a lot of their natural goodness in cooking.

In our busy modern lives we don’t always have enough time to plan and make healthy meals, so we sometimes end up eating unhealthy stuff just because it’s easy. The boot camp diet eliminates this as an issue, by providing you with tasty, healthy meals ready in minutes- and we’re all for it!

The meals and snacks are very filling, really tasty and totally not ‘diety’. We reckon that if you restrict what you eat without providing a substitute, the likelihood is you won’t stick with it, whereas with the boot camp diet you don’t really feel like you’re on a diet at all so the drive to ‘cheat’ is non existent! Our favourite meal was the spiced African soup, which has loads of flavour, and we also love the herb seeded oat cakes because they’re wholesome and super filling.

The boot camp diet costs from £79.99 a week, with discounts available until the 14th July. Take a trial- you won’t regret it!

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bootcamp diet

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