Bonfire Night Food Recipes

bonfire night food

Remember, remember the 5th of November… oh forget all that. We all know the story, now lets get celebrating with a kick ass party packed with tonnes of mouth watering food perfect to serve round the bonfire this Guy Fawkes night.
Whether you are cracking out the sparklers at home or hosting a spectacular display with your mates, our guide ensures that you’ll have something lovely to eat. So make sure your night goes off with a bang with this delicious Bonfire Night food round up.
Start your Bonfire Night off with our top three choices of Bonfire Night Food

What to See

bonfire night foodBaked Beans

A delightful bowl of warming baked beans is just the thing to warm your cockles this Bonfire night. Packed with tender, salty ham hock and lots of squidgy beans, the only thing left to decide is how much cheese to smother them with (the answer, by the way, is a lot).

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bonfire night foodJamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger

A burger is a fantastic thing to serve up around a big bonfire, and if you’re being especially adventurous you could even cook these juicy patties on the flames! Jamie Oliver’s ultimate burger comes with all the trimmings, so lay them all out on a table and let everyone customise.

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bonfire night foodPulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork is the ultimate crowd pleaser as it’s relatively cheap, super easy to make and every body will love each mouthful. This tangy BBQ recipe is nice and smoky, making it the best accompaniment to the fireworks; all that’s needed is a toasted bun and lots of slaw!

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bonfire night foodChilli Con Carne

What kind of Bonfire Night food round up would this be without chilli? This deliciously rich meat sauce with fluffy rice is a classic for the 5th of November, guaranteed to warm you through and through whatever the weather.

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bonfire night foodCorn on the Cob

Anything hand held is going to be a winner on Bonfire Night, and this delicious recipe for corn on the cob is no exception. Smothered with garlic butter and coriander, these delicious cobs have a real nutty flavour when charred, and the natural sweetness of the corn is a great way to get kids eating veggies after all that Halloween candy.

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bonfire night foodGrilled Prawns

Juicy grilled prawns served on a stick are a lovely Bonfire Night appetiser, as they’re smoky, full of flavour and lots of fun to eat. No plates are needed with these coral pink beauties, so just hand out your grilled lemongrass skewers and let everybody dive in.

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bonfire night foodDeep Fried Calamari

Like a super posh fish and chips, deep fried calamari is a great snack to serve as finger food around a bonfire, especially if you serve them in quirky paper bags for a real chippy experience! And with a little chilli heat to them no one will be complaining about the cold, bonus!

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bonfire night foodVegetarian Empenadas

A little like a pasty only a lot greener, these vegetable empenadas are glorious golden pockets of oozing cheese and veg. Serve them in little wrappers and prepare to watch everybody do the ‘hoo that’s hot!’ face. These steamy, flaky beauties will warm you up in no time.

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bonfire night foodSmores

If you like your dessert flame licked and utterly decadent then s’mores are the way to go. Traditionally American, these marshmallowey treats are roasted to caramalised perfection then dipped in chocolate and rolled in biscuits. It’s going to get messy, but do you really care?!

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bonfire night foodPomegranate Cocktail with Prosecco

Add a little fizz to fireworks night with this fruity prosecco cocktail. Laced with tangy pomegranate juice, this is the perfect drink to pour around the fire before all the food comes out (but obviously keep an extra glass or two in the kitchen for yourself)!

Read full recipe here

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