Bompas and Parr at Kew


Here at Mighty Spice Kitchen, we’re big fans of anything that mixes food and imagination, and that’s why we love the must-see Bombas & Parr IncrEdible installation at Kew Garden this summer.

The avant-garde jelly pioneers have transformed the iconic pond in front of the Palm House into a Wonker-esque tutti frutti boating lake, mixing Dahl and Dali in equal measure to create an installation which is a rare mix of breathtakingly beautiful and breathlessly fun. The lake features a floating Pineapple island, which towers impressively above the water. You can walk to the island on a floating gangway from the bank, or rent a boat and row over yourself (from the boat you can also explore the mysterious secret grotto hidden beneath the island!)

Bombas & Parr have also worked together with menswear designer Kit Neale to create some spectacular uniforms for the exhibition’s staff, drawing on artwork from Kew’s archive of illustrations. The surreal environment and the staff’s mesmerising uniforms combine to really draw you into the exhibit and help you to engage with the surroundings, making it a great day out for children and adults alike!

16 year olds and under go to IncrEdibles free!
The Tutti Frutti lake closes 1st September, for more information about the lake, and the other installations in Kew’s IncrEdibles exhibition, visit

Photo credit: Ann Charlott Ommendal


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