The Bloody Oyster Pop Up on Southbank

the bloody oyster

Aw shucks! We’re already feeling the summer seafood loving as The Bloody Oyster pop up Southbank for the Festival of Love.

One for all you seafood lovers, this seafood risotto is a wonderful recipe to cook this summer.

If you wince at the word oyster when it’s on anything but your travel card then this could be the thing that converts you. The Bloody Oyster is rolling its brand spanking new bus along the river this summer to Southbank for a pop up that’s guaranteed to get you hot under the collar at the Festival of Love.

The Bloody Oyster has been dedicated to dishing out these shell-covered aphrodisiacs alongside some kick ass cocktails since the start of the ‘street-food revolution’, believing that the oyster’s status as posh nosh is holding them back from being all that they can be!

As such they’re serving them up in every way imaginable, with fresh, boiled, grilled, BBQ’d and even between two buns there’ll be a mollusc out there for everybody! The oyster po’boy (aka the between two buns option) is a must try, with crunchy, squidgy oysters, celeriac and caper remoulade and a fluffy bun being the best way to get to grips with this much under-appreciated seafood.

Oh, and have we mentioned the ‘Bloody’ side yet? Oh yes my friends, the bloody in the Bloody Oyster is dedicated to that ultimate hangover cure (and cause) the Bloody Mary. And you can put the Tabasco away for these beauties, as you’re more likely to find Mary’s with tequila bases and rosemary smoke on Southbank this summer. Talk about coming out of your shell!

The Bloody Oyster will be part of The Festival of Love, from 28th June – 31st August at Southbank Centre. 

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the bloody oyster

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