Best UK Lidos

best uk lidos

Get ready for summer with a swim in one of the best UK Lidos. From Parliament Hill to fabulous Cheltenham, there are some cracking Lido’s to cool down in this summer.
So, to help you decide where to splash out-side (yep, that just happened) this weekend, here’s our list of the best UK lidos.
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What to See

best Uk lidosBrockwell Lido

Located on the corner of Brockwell Park in London, this Art Deco lido is the perfect place to chill out this summer and one of the best UK lidos.

uk lidosTinside Lido in Plymouth

The Tinside Lio is gorgeous. Glamourous and gorgeous with amazing views, you would be forgiven for mistaking it for somewhere a little more exotic!


uk lidosParliament Hill, London

One of our best UK lidos to cool down in as a break from picnicking on Hampstead Heath on a scorching day. A little busy on occasion, but always a lot of fun.


best UK lidoSandford Parks, Cheltenham

Slides, paddling pools and roped-off children’s areas make this pool perfect for a family swim on a lovely warm day in scenic Cheltenham.


uk lidosSaltdean Lido, Brighton

The Saltdean Lido still encapsulates much of the fun, frivolity and hedonism which Brighton represents for so many Londoners. Busy but brilliant, the Saltdean Lido most definitely one of Britain’s best.


uk lidosPells Pool, Lewes, East Sussex

Pells Pool is the oldest freshwater outdoor pool in the country. Fed from a natural spring, it has a real sense of history and community to it, a definite must-visit.


uk lidosThermae Spa, Bath

So, it’s not really a lido, but I think you’ll agree, it’s well worth a mention. So pretty!


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