Best Tequila Brands

best tequila brands

A good tequila is worth its weight in gold; brewed using natural blue agave and distilled. It is then bottled or aged in wooden barrels to mature. This gives it a clean, smooth taste and smoky tones.
Tequila is a celebratory drink. From the classic margarita, to a heavenly glass of the golden stuff it is wonderful, and complements Mexican food and dancing perfectly. Forget any student tragedies you might have had, our guide to the best tequila brands will ensure you get the most out of this wonderful drink. So dust of the sombreros and crack out the carnitas it’s party time.
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What to See

Best Tequila BrandsCabo Wabo Anejo Tequila

A lovely dark tequila from a fantastic producer that is matured for 14 months in American oak barriers. This gives it a really robust flavour that is best sipped neat and truly savoured.

£64.45 The Whiskey Exchange

Best Tequila BrandsSelectión Suprema by Herradura

The don of tequilas, aged for 4 years to give it a dark colour and smooth creamy finish. It has a complex, spicy flavour and goes very well after a meal as it can take all the flavours of a Mexican feast perfectly.

£222.05 Masters of Malt

Best Tequila BrandsPatrón Silver

This is the tequila that got us loving the stuff. It is smooth as you like, with a fragrant smell and makes one of the best margaritas ever.

£43.29 Waitrose

Best Tequila BrandsDon Julio Reposado

Smooth and silky with a sweet aftertaste, this is an awesome entry level tequila. It has a wonderful citrus fragrance that makes it ideal for mixing into a long drink with fresh lime, lemons or grapefruits.

£44.88 Drinks Direct

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