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Each week Mighty Spice Kitchen will be bringing you our top picks from the supermarket shelves. If you have a product that you think we need to know about please tweet us @mightyskitchen 
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Unearthed Spanish Smoked Cooking Chorizo

This particular brand of chorizo has a really spicy depth of flavour due to the smoking process it goes through in León. It adds instant flavour when added to anything, but it really shines as a tapas dish, fried in its own fragrant oil until golden and crispy, and served with crusty bread.

Ocado £3.29

ASDA Extra Special Belgian Almond Thins

Crafted by traditional Belgian bakers, these authentic almond thins have a fantastic snap to them due to the addition of dark brown sugar that caramalises beautifully when baked. They are great for dunking into a cappuccino, or for an indulgent treat dip them in melted chocolate.

Asda £1.65

Aura Limited Edition Olive Oil

A deliciously intense olive oil, cold compressed immediately after picking in order to retain a creamy, luxurious texture and an incredibly flavourful oil. This is great for cooking but is at its best mopped up by ciabatta or glugged over fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.

Tesco £8.50

almond thins
olive oil

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