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best soups

A steaming bowl of delicious soup on a cold day is one of life’s simple pleasures, it can take mere minutes to create or hours perfecting a rich masterpiece. Whatever your soup craving may be we have you covered, with some delicious recipes that will always impress: here are our best soups for January.

What to See

best soupsCream of Celeriac Soup

Celeriac is a fantastic vegetable to make into soup because it is naturally creamy when pureed and has a wonderful peppery flavour. Top this with a lovely zingy drizzle of coriander oil and you have a light soup packed with flavour.

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soupsRoast Pumpkin Soup with Onion Confit

This rich soup is the ultimate comfort food, with sweet roasted pumpkin and lashings of delicious soft confit onions. For that added luxury grill some salty gruyere on a baguette for the best crouton imaginable.

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soupsNoodle Soup with Beef and Pork

This deliciously rich broth takes time but is so worth it. The meat is succulently tender and the veg adds a lovely crunch. It’s a spicy one, so is perfect for some weekend revitalisation.

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soupsThai Butternut Squash Soup

This fresh and fragrant soup is perfect for a winter warmer without the calorific content. The sweet butternut squash is complimented perfectly by loads of spicy chilli and sweet basil.

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soupsPea Soup

This is no ordinary pea soup, this is a sweet, spicy, creamy bowl of goodness that will surely become a family favourite. The addition of a swirl of flavourful harissa lifts the whole thing beautifully, but the potato in the base makes it totally filling on a cold night.

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soupsLaksa with Rice Noodles and Prawns

Laksa is a light soup that’s packed with delicious ingredients. The coconut milk is wonderfully creamy without being heavy, and the sweet prawns have a firm texture that add a bit of bite.

Read full recipe here 

best soupsTomato Soup

It doesn’t get much more classic than a good old fashioned home made soup. This delicious recipe keeps the tomatoes slightly on the chunky side for great texture, and is perfect served with salty feta and a light sprinkling of herbs.

Read full recipe here 

best soupsSplit Pea Soup

Split peas have a lovely earthy flavour which really comes out when they’re blended up with lots of warming spices. This Middle eastern inspired soup is full of delicious wintry tastes, perfect with a side of fluffy flatbread.

Read full recipe here 

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