Best Sausage Rolls in London

Thoughts turn to sausage rolls at this time of year; flaky, buttery pastry with a generous porky filling, ideally consumed under a blanket of cloudless skies. In recent times, this once humble picnic item has become a much more butch affair and with so many great places to choose from, there’s no reason to find yourself on the end of anything anaemic looking and wrapped in cellophane. So while you’ll just have to cross your fingers for azure skies, we can promise you proper sausage rolls. Here’s our pick of the best sausage rolls in London.

The Ginger Pig

If you’ve never had a sausage roll from The Ginger Pig, I suggest you stop what you are doing and remedy this immediately. From its North Yorkshire farm, The Ginger Pig bakers produce 2,500 sausage rolls a week for their 7 London shops and not only are they delicious; the pork, almost a meat loaf in appearance, coarse and full of flavour with barely-there buttery pastry, you can also rest assured that these pigs have had a happy life. Look out for seasonal flavours throughout the year, in the meantime try the Bacon and Sweet Chilli but be warned, life will never be the same again.

From £3.50,

The GInger Pig |  The best sausage rolls in London

HG Walter 

Unusually dazzling and boutique-like, after a massive recent refurbishment, this is a family run business that’s been supplying London with it’s meaty needs for 30 years. With an impressive array of award winning sausages produced with pork from select organic, free range farms. |There’s even the genius option of creating your own flavours in the shop. For pastry fans, the puff is buttery and crisp and along with filling, there’s a lot of it. Oh and did I mention they deliver. You can thank me later. 

From £1.90,

Melrose & Morgan 

Akin to a chipmunk, I found myself attempting the record for how many Melrose bitesize sausage rolls you can fit in your mouth in one go. Available in two sizes, these excellent sausage rolls come in one classic flavour with pork belly mince and oregano and then encased in a crisp puff pastry. Fresh on the menu every day they are a firm favourite with customers of the Primrose Hill shop and even better, with just a short stroll to the hill they they can be enjoyed with an equally great view of the city. 

From £1.50,

Melrose and Morgan | The best sausage rolls in London

Outsider Tart 

As well as being an American foodie haven, sausage rolls are a serious affair at Outsider Tart. There’s a fashionable and pleasingly large ratio of flavoursome meat to pastry, itself delightfully flaky in texture. These hearty rolls come in a plethora of flavours, the Apple & Ale was a firm favourite. Subtle herbs and just the right amount of apple sweetness and for garlic fans, the Tomato & Smoked Garlic is certainly not shy in flavour, with the tomato adding a welcome sweetness. Oh and while you’re there don’t forget to pick yourself up a whoopee pie or two.

From £3,

LJ Horner

Just a few weeks ago at Taste London I was lured in by a Little Jack Horner sausage roll. Founder James and his team make ‘proper’ sausage rolls from their modest production kitchen in Frome. There’s no skimping here. The meat is sourced from local organic, high welfare farms in Devon, Somerset and Dorset and the handmade pastry is rich and flaky, just as it should be. Appearing at events all over the country, as well as an online shop and with flavours ranging from Black Pudding & Apple to Pork & Smoked Chilli, LJ Horners has a sausage roll for every palette. 

From £3,

The best sausage rolls in London

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