Best Salted Chocolate Bars

best salted chocolate bars

Salted chocolate is very trendy right now, the savouriness of the salt goes beautifully with the chocolate and intensifies the rich flavours even more.
Whether you like dark salted chocolate or milk salted chocolate bars we have taste tested them all – we get all the hard jobs at Eat Travel Live. So sit back and get ready to drool over our round up of the best salted chocolate bars.
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What to See

best salted chocolate barsOlive and Sinclair – Sea Salt Southern Artisan Chocolate

Flecked with sea salt, this pungent dark chocolate bar melts in the mouth with a wonderful hint of olive oil.

£8.99 Selfridges

best salted chocolate bars Paul.A.Young – Sea Salted Caramel Bar

A rich dark chocolate bar, made with 64% manjari chocolate that gives it a wonderful smoky flavour, which melts on impact releasing a killer filling.

£5.95 Paul.A.Young

best salted chocolate barsSeed and Bean – Cornish Sea Salt

A gloriously rich dark chocolate bar with a velvety smooth finish and just the right salty hit.


best salted chocolate barsGreen and Black’s – Sea Salt

A light, creamy milk chocolate with a wonderful salty hit that is our high street favourite.

£2.19 Waitrose

best salted chocolate bars Cocoa Bean – Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt

Rich but sweet, 54% dark chocolate that has a natural salty aftertaste, which is devilishly delicious.

£3.50 Harvey Nichols 

best salted chocolate bars Divine – Milk Chocolate Toffee and Sea Salt

With a creamy texture and a background hit of savoury salt and sweet toffee, this Fairtrade chocolate bar is fabulous.

£2 Waitrose

best salted chocolate bars Lindt – Salted Caramel

A bit like a posh galaxy, this moreish salted caramel chocolate bar will have you going back for more and more.

£0.69 Tesco

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