Best Rose Wines For Summer

rose wines

With its fruity flavours, delightful pink colour and refreshing taste, rose is the ultimate summer drink.
There are loads of beautiful bottles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a picnic tipple or a sophisticated refreshment,  there will be a rose for you! Here’s our guide to the best rose wines for summer.
Pair your rose wine with this delicious recipe for chorizo tapas in cider

What to See

rose winesDomaine Ott

Coming from the Bandol Province, famed for its delicious rose, Domaine Ott is the bottle of choice for the St Tropez crowd.

Its main flavour notes are sweet strawberry and tangy rhubarb, making it taste like sunshine in a glass.

Try it with this gorgeous recipe for griddled courgette and halloumi salad.

£36.99 Selfridges 

rose winesFortnum’s Sancerre Rose

The exclusively pinot noir grapes for this delicate wine from Fortnum’s come from a very small vineyard, making every bottle special.

The summer berry flavour is not too intense, so its best served up with paired back flavours. We love it on a picnic with a few dainty cucumber sandwiches.

Try it with this light and refreshing tuna with seaweed salad. 

£13.52 Fortnum and Mason

rose winesItalia Pinot Grigio Rose

This wine is a real rarity, as it can only be made after a hot summer when the sun has turned the grapes a beautiful copper colour.

The result is juicy fruit with floral flavour that make a wonderfully subtle wine, and its at its best served up with fresh pasta dishes (pea ravioli being our top suggestion!)

Try it with something different this summer, a gorgeous seafood paella made with pasta. 

£7.49 Waitrose

rose winesZalze Cabernet Sauvignon/ Shiraz Rose

The intense cherry and sweet plum notes in this wine give it a vibrant, fruity flavour that is mile apart from the crisper rose wines that dominate the market.

Its perfect served ice cold at a picnic with all those sarnies, salads and cakes.

Try it with these fruity mini pavlovas with blackberries.

£7.99 Waitrose

rose winesLa Forcadiere Tavel

Perfect for the BBQ season, La Forcadiere Tavel is a lot bolder in flavour than rose wines you may be used to, but this only makes it better for summer when all those steaks are sizzling on the coals.

Try it with a fresh steak salad with vibrant couscous. 

£17.99 Selfridges

rose winesYellow Tail

Yellow Tail is quite a sweet wine, with hints of Turkish delight and warm spices being the main flavours, making a second glass a necessity!

It’s perfect for al fresco dining on a warm evening, with loads of mezze dishes spread out for nibbling in between sips.

Try it with a delightful little bowl of chilli prawns with feta. 

£7.99 Waitrose

rose winesLa Mascaronne, Quat’Saisons Rose

With a hit of citrusy lemons and a hint of fresh raspberry, this wonderful rose wine is the freshest in flavour on our list.

Its mellow peach aroma adds a subtle sweetness that pairs it beautifully with BBQ’d shellfish.

Try it with this recipe for juicy garlic prawns with sumac and coriander. 

£15.50 Fortnum and Mason

rose winesPink Moscato

This lovely refreshing wine is lower in alcohol than the rest, and has a slight fizz that gives the whole taste a hint of sherbert.

Because it’s a little less percentage wise, it’s the perfect brunch tipple with some eggs benedict and a few good mates.

Try it with this amazing recipe for crumpets with crisp chorizo and oozing poached egg. 

£8.99 Selfridges

rose winesEl Guia Rosado

This fruity Spanish wine is packed to the brim with red berries, giving it a lovely soft texture and juicy finish.

This one is a must have with a few nibbles at a garden party, with posh nibbles being the perfect partner!

Try it with this intense tapas dish, chorizo cooked in cider. 

£4.79 Waitrose

rose winesSpice Trail

Designed to compliment Asian flavours, the bold peppery flavours in this wine help it to stand up against spicy dishes.

Its fragrant note make it incredible with stir fries, but even better with some fiery, wasabi spiked sushi.

Try it with this light recipe for salmon sashimi.  

£6.49 Waitrose

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