Our Best Recipes for Leftovers


Now us Brits love a roast dinner, and while Sunday dinner is undoubtedly the best meal of the week, we at ETL think the best part of a roast is all the delicious things you can do with the leftovers!
From simple salads to delicious world-cuisine inspired recipes there’s no limit to what you can do with all those gorgeous leftovers. Here’s our guide to the best leftover recipes.
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What to See

leftoversRoast Chicken – Chicken and Rice Pie

This classic Turkish ‘pie’ is perfect for your leftover roast chicken, as all you need to do is knock some rice together and stir the shredded meat through before baking. Serve up with a lovely lemony dressed salad and you’ve got the ultimate leftover recipe.

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast duck – Duck Salad with Watermelon

Sometimes simple is best. This refreshing salad packed with juicy watermelon is the best combination of sweet and savoury, and that my friends is the combination duck was made for! Shred whatever leftover duck meat you have and toss it in, it’s impressive with minimal effort, what else do you need?!

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast pork – Pork Gyoza

Okay, so this one is a little fiddly, but oh so worth it. The recipe calls for pork mince, but leftover cooked pork works just as well when it’s blitzed to a finer consistency and mixed with just a little beaten egg to hold the whole thing together.

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast beef – Beef Tagine

Who else is going to have an awesome leftover recipe other than our mate Jamie?! This incredible spiced beef tagine is packed with melt in the mouth beef, especially delicious if brisket is the leftover you’re working with. Pour yourself a glass of vino, plonk this sharing dish in the middle of the table and admire this masterpiece, you deserve it!

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast salmon – Mexican Salmon Fishcakes

Roast dinner isn’t all about meat you know. A whole side of salmon roasts beautifully, and the gorgeously tender leftover meat is perfect cooked up with some spicy flavours and fluffy new potatoes to create some wonderful Mexican fish cakes. What you serve them with is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with a squeeze of lime.

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast lamb – Lamb Lamacun

Lamucan is a sort of Turkish pizza, with a fluffy flatbread for the base and lots of delicious things for the toppings. We love this lamb version using fresh mince, but if you’ve got a little leftover lamb it works a treat. Chuck it under the grill for tender crispy perfection. A few cold beers wouldn’t go amiss either!

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast turkey – Turkey Curry

Around Christmas time you probably get sick of the sight of turkey, but honestly it does make for a great roast all year round. Whether you’re looking for Boxing Day bliss or you’ve got a little leftover turkey from your Sunday lunch this delicious turkey curry is as healthy as it is tasty.

Read full recipe here

leftoversRoast potatoes – Poppadom Chat

If you’re lucky enough to have leftover roast potatoes then this poppadum chat is the best thing you can do with them. Dice them up and chuck them in right at the end in replacement of fresh potatoes. Because they’re already cooked they only need heating through, but they give a lovely crunch and an added layer of buttery flavour.

Read full recipe here

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