Best Mustard

best mustard

What would a sandwich be without our good friend mustard, or a roast beef on a Sunday? They are old friends who should not be kept apart as the magic is too good when they are together.
In honour of this fabulous condiment we scoured the shelves, and tried and tested loads to get a list of the best mustard in four categories; flavoured, wholegrain, Dijon and hot. So take your seats and let the awards commence.

What to See

best mustard Best Dijon – Harrods Dijon

Lovely creamy mustard, with a wicked little up-the-nose kick. We love this mustard. It deserves to be smothered over a side of rare roast beef, or spread over bacon, rolled around some cheese, before grilling till oozy.

£3.95 Harrods

best mustard Best Flavoured – Bulldog Mustard

This is an epic chilli mustard. It has a slight tartness that leads into a lovely kick from the chilli and a well-paired mustard flavour. It has got a great texture and screams out for a slab of home cooked ham.

£3.95 East India Company

best mustard Best Wholegrain – Duchy Original Organic Wholegrain Mustard

A lovely tart mustard with a gentle kick. It has a  grainy texture and would not go amiss in any sandwich. It can take a bit of cooking and makes a welcome addition to a creamy sauce.

£2.39 Waitrose


best mustard Best Hot – Fortnum and Mason Hot English Mustard

The delicate Fortnum and Mason label hides an awesome mustard. Vivid yellow, utterly smooth and brilliantly hot. This is a must for all you chilli lovers and will put bite into anything you want. Watch out sandwiches!

£3.75 Fortnum and Mason


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