Best Middle Eastern Recipes


Middle Eastern food is some of the best on the planet. With loads of spices, dried fruit, delectably soft meat and zingy salads we can’t get enough of it.
There is nothing better than a table full with mezze and big tagines. It is just perfect for everyone to sit down and tuck in. Here’s our guide to the best Middle Eastern recipes you can cook for family and friends.

What to See

persian lambPersian Lamb Stew

Stews are always a treat, with melt in your mouth meat in a beautifully thick gravy, who can say no? This one has a Persian twist, by adding spices and fruit for depth of flavour.

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baba ganoushBaba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush is an amazing dip that is an essential on any mezze platter. Made from chargrilled aubergines it has a wonderful nutty flavour, and its smooth texture screams out for crispy flatbreads.

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chicken tagineChicken Tagine

We couldn’t have a Middle Eastern food round up without a tagine. These babies are all across the Middle East, slow cooked in those signature pots for tender meat and beautiful flavour. This chicken version has all the things you’d want it to, tangy lemons, salty olives and pull apart meat, yum!

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pickled auberginesPickled Aubergines

Aubergines are a staple in the Middle East, and we love this recipe because it’s something a bit different. They have sweet and sour tastes from the honey and vinegar and amazing crunchy textures from the filling. We love them with some yoghurt and a nice glass of vino.

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Healthy doesn’t mean bland you know! This fattoush is really good for you, full of juicy veg and low fat pitta bread with a tangy sumac and lemon dressing. It’s refreshing on its own, but on the side of some grilled halloumi it can’t be beat.

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pomegranate and cucumber saladPomegranate and Cucumber Salad

This dish does simple the stylish way. Delicate ribbons of cucumber with pops of vibrant pomegranate and soft chick peas. Get this on a grilled lamb chop and you’ve got a Middle Eastern miracle.

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fig tartCinnamon Fig Tart

Figs are very popular in the Middle East because they love the hot climate. This dessert shows them off really well, spiced with cinnamon and put on top of crisp puff pastry. Just add clementine cream and you have yourself a delicious end to a meal.

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