Best Kitchen Spice Racks

kitchen spice rack

Well, we were always going to do this one. We obviously love our spices, but even in the Mighty Spice kitchen we need to put them somewhere. We have searched high and low to bring you the ultimate guide to the best spice racks. From a simple magnetised spice rack, to a rotating, full-loaded spice rack we have them all, so there’s no excuse not to get your spice on in the kitchen.
Have a look at our fantastic spicy recipes and see what you can make!

What to See

kitchen spice racksKashmiri Spice Tins

Brighten up you kitchen with these stunning hand painted spice tins. They sit in a wall-mounted rack and are as vibrant as the spices they hold.

12 Kashmiri Spice Tins £130 Not on the High Street 

kitchen spice racksRevolving Spice Rack

This is an all-singing, all-dancing, fully stocked revolving spice rack. Whether you want a quick pinch of cumin or sprinkle of caraway seeds this spice rack has it all.

Revolving Spice Rack £50 John Lewis

garden tradingBlue Jar Spice Rack

This awesome vintage-looking spice rack has 10 jars; 6 small and 4 large, for you to fill with you favourite spices. It looks really cool and is wall-mounted to keep space optimised.

Spice Rack Garden £22 Garden Trading

kitchen spice racksKitchen Craft Spice Raft

This is a neat, wall-mounted spice rack, which has 6 magnetic pots. Each one has clear lids and 2 settings – pour or sprinkle. A great introductory set.

Kitchen Craft Spice Rack £25 House of Fraser

kitchen spice racksSpice Tin

Ok, so less of a rack and more of a tin, but this is the kitchen spice rack we use in the MSK kitchen. This is the spice organiser of choice for every home in India, chuck in a teaspoon and you are away.

Stainless Steel Spice Box £15.83 Divertimenti

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