Best Kitchen Knives

Foodies, meet The Viners Ardesia Knife Block Set. Cutting edge technology merged with trendy design, available in four colours, and perfect for any kitchen.

This very modern trio of knives fits snuggly into a rather futuristic-looking block which is guaranteed to brighten up your cooking space. The knives are equipped with high-performance ceramic blades, which are not only sharper than steel, but also have a thinner edge for cutting precision- and best of all, they don’t rust!

These babies will last a life time (or at least a long time), and at £45 are a pretty solid investment. The 3” Paring Knife, 4” Utility Knife and 5” Slicing Knife will set you up with the basics, and provide a solid base for you to build your knife collection from- that’s why, for us, they’re some of the best kitchen knives out there.

The Viners Ardesia Knife Block Set is available from

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