Tried and Tested Best Green Tea

green tea

We love green tea. It’s good for your skin, fights free radicals, and is thought to promote weight loss as part of a healthy diet.
Green tea supposedly negates a multitude of sins, which naturally, we love. It’s tasty too! We live on the stuff here at MSK, so we thought it was about time we did a tried and tested the best green tea. Here are our favourites:

What to See

fortnumsFortnums Green Jasmine Tea

Fortnums Green Jasmine Tea is quite unsurprisingly absolutely delicious and one of the best green teas around. The ritual and tradition of tea-making isn’t complete without a nod to their signature tea caddy branding- the most aspirational of all the teas.

From £2.50

GenmaiEast India Company Genmai-Cha

This ‘pop corn’ tea has a very mild, slightly nutty taste reflecting the popped rice and corn used to bulk out the tea leaves themselves. Definitely worth a delve into the unusual for!

£18 The East India Company 

suzi teaSuzi Tea

Suzi’s lovely little green tea bags expand to form flowers when immersed in water, creating a beautiful display for the drinker. They taste fantastic, too, which is always a bonus!


best green teaPukka Three Green tea

This smooth green tea is a blend of three different leaves, gently dried whole by Fairtrade farmers so the sustain their delicate flavour.

Pukkaherbs for £1.99

teapigsMao Feng Green Tea

The least green tea-y of all the green teas, Mao Feng is soft, subtle and delicious. Perfect for those wanting to wean themselves onto the stuff.

£3.90 Teapigs 

best green teaClipper Fairtrade Green Tea with Peppermint

Clipper’s green tea with peppermint is the most gentle green tea we tested, the tea taste is very subtle, making it more of a mint tea with an edge and a touch of caffeine. Definitely up there in the personal favourites.

£1.79 Clipper 

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