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dim sum hong kong

Once of my favourite eating experiences ever was trying Dim Sum in Hong Kong for the first time when I was 15. I loved it. We ate in a restaurant in Kowloon, where we sat at a huge round table, drinking tea and stuffing our faces with the fabulous food – we had dumplings, buns, pancakes and chickens feet.

Ever since that first porky-prawn mouthful, doused in vinegar and chilli sauce, I have been hooked. I love the delicate steamed Cantonese dumplings, adore the hearty northern Chinese boiled dumplings, will literally travel half way round the world to get to my favourite dim sum restaurant Din Tai Fung and generally keep a freezer full of frozen dumplings for when I need them.

Hong Kong is famed for its food and in particular dim sum. It is a weekend treat for all the family to enjoy, a cheeky mid afternoon snack or a late breakfast. You can always spot a good place as there will be a queue of hungry people, ogling the menu and waiting to be seated.

Din Tai Fung

This fabulous Michelin starred Taiwanese restaurant has two branches in Hong Kong. They are famous for their Xiao Long Bao, a Beijing dumpling filled with pork and hot chicken soup. They are sublime, light and flavoursome and best dipped in black vinegar with a little fresh ginger for pepperiness. Frankly the whole menu is rocking and worth ordering. This place gets busy so arrive early and be hungry.

Din Tai Fung Causeway Bay

Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho wan started off life as a Michelin starred dim sum restaurant in Mong Kok, serving up fabulous dim sum in a small steamy restaurant. Sadly the original site has closed and the restaurant has moved onto bigger and better things, and thankfully the food is still as good. The steamed pork buns, which are light and meaty are out of this world, and the wobbly rice rolls filled with roast pork are amazing.

Tim Ho Wan IFC Shopping Mall


dim sum hong kong This restaurant chain is an institution in Hong Kong. My favourite branch is the one in Central, in a rather odd municipal building. On arrival you can hear the clatter of teacups and saucers and the gentle tinkle of chopsticks. The food, which is wheeled round on trollies, is awesome. Delicate dumplings, crisp baked buns and pillowy-soft steamed buns. They also have a branch in the airport so you can get a fix before leaving the country.

Maxims Central City Hall


This dim sum banquet hall looks a bit like it was built for Barbie. The vast dining room, which has amazing views over Causeway Bay, is decorated in garish pink and gold. It is a celebratory restaurant, serving very traditional Chinese style dim sum. The food is amazing, a little on the gelatinous side, and the atmosphere wonderful; hundreds of happy dinners scoffing away. The dumplings are delicious and they do interesting pancakes with fish and sweetcorn. There is not really an English menu,

so go hungry and be adventurous.

Paramount Causeway Bay



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