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It’s national curry week and what better way to celebrate with a round up of our best curry recipes! Put that phone down and step away from that takeaway menu, we’ve got some delicious curries that you can make at home. 
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What to See

keralan seafoodKeralan Curry with Seafood

Our very own John Gregory Smith has given us this amazing Keralan seafood curry, full of wonderful flavours and textures served with fragrant rice. You certainly won’t miss the takeaway with this one!

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veggie curryAmish’s Gujarati Vegetable Curry

This fantastic vegetarian curry can be made well in advance of use, making it a super easy mid-week meal. Just make the sauce beforehand and add the vegetables to cook through when ready to eat.

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lamb curryNorth Indian Lamb Curry

This curry really packs a punch with lots of chillies added, but don’t worry the yoghurt really cools it down and if served with a fresh raita it holds an authentic Indian flavour.

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chicken baltiChicken Balti

This one pot curry is the quickest to make, yet still packs so much Indian flavour. Balti comes from the word for ‘bucket’ referring to the pot it was traditionally cooked in, but a frying pan with a lid works just as well!

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south indian currySouth Indian Chicken Curry Recipe

We’re avid supporters of Fairtrade here at MSK, hence this delicious chicken curry uses a variety of Fairtrade ingredients. So simple to make, put the ingredients in a blender for the sauce and add chicken – that’s quicker than a takeaway!

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prawn curryPrawn Curry

This delicious South Indian-inspired prawn curry is super quick to make but full of all those traditional Indian flavours you know and love.

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tikka masalaChicken Tikka Masala

Although technically Chicken Tikka Masala is not an authentic Indian curry (it was made right here in the UK) it’s still one of our nation’s favourites to get from the takeaway. This recipe has all you’ll recognise from your usual and is so much healthier.

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paneerKadai Paneer Curry

This wonderful vegetarian curry uses paneer, an Indian cheese that holds the spicy flavours so well you definitely won’t be craving meat.

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