Best Corkscrews: Top 5

The new ‘helix cork’ could put an end to long-standing rivalry between the two schools of wine drinkers, reports say.
Wine lovers worldwide who were once divided by the screw-top could now be reunited by the invention of the helix cork, which blends the practicality of the screw-top with the romance and traditionalism of the cork.
The helix creates an air-tight seal upon closure, eliminating the threat of oxidisation or tipsy spillages. It combines the easy opening and fuss free storage benefits of the screw top, with the comfortingly familiar tannin-soaked smell of the cork, making the difference between the helix and normal corks practically unnoticeable… except for the pop.
For us, however, wine is almost as much about the ceremony of opening the bottle as it is about drinking it. So here are the 5 best corkscrews…

What to See

harvey nicsMenu

Similar to the Helix Cork, this Menu corkscrew is a modern variation on a traditional tool. It’s fun, stylish, slickly designed and it does the job.

£28.95 Harvey Nichols

le creusetLe Creuset

Unsurprisingly, Le Creuset have a really effective, really good-looking product to fit the bill. Not as cute as the tiny wine robots though.

£45 John Lewis

no on the high stPosh Totty

These Posh Totty wine openers could just as easily be used as decoration as to serve their purpose. Plus, they look like tiny wine robots.

£27.50 Notonthehightstreet

l'atelier du vinL’ATELIER DU VIN

L’atelier du Vin’s space-age design and vibrant colouring will brighten up your kitchen as effectively as wine will brighten up your company.

£54.50 Selfridges


This Vintage French concertina corkscrew is bound to add a certain je ne sais quoi to a wine drinker’s evening.

£42.45 Etsy

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