Best Chocolate Recipes

best chocolate recipes

We have put together a selection of the best chocolate recipes we have had in the magazine. From decadent tea cakes smothered in a hot chocolate sauce to a salted butter caramel cake, these incredible chocolate recipes won’t disappoint.
Not sweet enough? then check out this unbelievable devils chocolate cake

What to See

fondantPaul A. Young Chocolate Fondant

we couldn’t have a best chocolate recipes with a fondant recipe and Paul A. Youngs twist on a classic is incredible. Using fragrant basil this recipe is super flavourful and fool proof.

View full recipe here

chocolate recipesDulce De Leche Brownies

As if brownies couldn’t get any better, Rachel Allen goes and adds heaps of the ultimate creamy caramel Dulce de leche. These wonderful gooey squares of chocolate are perfect to impress friends after dinner, or of course for a little self-indulgence to curb that sweet tooth craving.

Read full recipe here

raspberry and chocolate Raspberry and Chocolate Torte

This fantastic torte is flourless, making it a much lighter chocolate choice. This recipe makes a large cake, so you’ll be having it as an indulgent treat for the rest of the week.

View full recipe here


salted caramel cakeEric Lanlard’s Salted Butter Caramel Cake

Salted caramel is a perfect accompaniment to chocolate as it adds a rich and savoury flavour combination. Eric Lanlard’s cake does just that for a really very decadent treat to be enjoyed in private.

View full recipe here


chocolate recipesJamie Oliver’s Chocolate Celebration Cake

If anyone knows how to celebrate with fabulous food it’s our mate Jamie, a point that is proven by his show stopping chocolate cake. Layered with crunchy puffed rice-packed chocolate sauce, nutty homemade nougat and squidgy sponge this one is always a winner. We’ll leave the addition of sparklers up to you though…

Read full recipe here

chocolate recipesChilli Chocolate Ice Cream

Chilli chocolate has been tantalising the taste buds of chocoholics for a while now, and what better way to celebrate this sweet and spicy sensation than loading it to a tub of ice cream? Serve a few scoops of this smoky ice cream this winter for a warming frozen treat!

Read full recipe here

chocolate tea cakesChocolate Tea Cakes

These little teat-time treats are loved by kids and adults alike. Super delicious but quite fiddly, definitely a case of practise makes perfect.

View full recipe here

chocolate recipesDevil’s Food Cake

The ultimate chocolate recipe, devils food cake is rich, decadent and totally wicked. Well really now, what could be better than moist chocolate sponge sandwiched with glossy chocolate ganache?

Read full recipe here 

chocolate recipesSalted Peanut Caramel Mud Pie

Salted caramel, crunchy peanuts, gooey chocolate… sorry we got a bit distracted there. And who can blame us? This mud pie is full of delicious flavour with a rich melting centre, all it needs is a drizzle of sticky caramel sauce.

Read full recipe here 

chocolate recipesFlourless Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake doesn’t need to have flour to be the ultimate indulgence. This wonderful cake is like one big brownie, with a mousse light texture and a deep chocolatey taste.

Read full recipe here

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