Best Cheap Eats London

best cheap eats london

We do it every time. Tell ourselves we’re going to stick to our weekly budget and not blow all our cash on six hour long drunches (that’s boozy brunches fyi) and eye-wateringly expensive dinners in just opened places we’re dying to try. Then, low and behold, we get to the half way point with some fabulous food memories but little else to live on for the rest if the month.
If you, like us, are running low on cash but refuse to stay at home living on lentils until payday, then check out these rocking deals for some of the best cheap eats London has at the moment.
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What to See

best cheap eats london Reef Beef & Bubbles at Drake and Morgan

Ladies this is one for you. Not that men are banned in Drake & Morgan’s seven venues across London, but the cute touches such as blankets in the alfresco areas and on site florists, mixology tables and skinny cocktails make them a girly girls dream.

If that isn’t enough to entice you, then perhaps their ‘Reef, Beef & Bubbles’ deal will do the trick – a half lobster, 4oz steak, fries and glass of prosecco for £15. Available all day across all the city site including their newest addition The Fable until the end of August, this is one of the best cheap eats London has on offer right now, and we’ll be taking advantage more than once.

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best cheap eats londonMeatball Mondays At Fika

Some gimmicks are just good, which is what we think about Swedish bar and kitchen Fika’s Monday meatball deal. Running from 5-10pm every Monday, the clock decides your final bill, with prices starting at £5 a dish and rising 50p every hour.

Obviously being the canny folk we are, we say tell work you’ve got a ‘doctor’s appointment’ so you’re there on the dot of 5, order their signature meatballs with lingonberry jam (usually £10.20) and gloat silently to yourself that you’ve spent just over a fiver.

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beast cheap eats london Happy Hour at Benito’s Hat

We heart Benito’s Hat (a six strong London chain of casual Mexican restaurants named after Benito Juarez). For us, it’s mostly about the lunchtime visit when we’re feeling a hunger only rice, tortilla and meat can solve (the Achitoe Braised Chicken is the nuts) but we’re willing to be flexible when it comes to their happy hour.

With 241 on all cocktails from 5-7pm (all day Monday) and a selection of margaritas including Pomegranate, it would be rude not to try out a couple at least. Followed by a burrito, obvs.

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best cheap eats londonWorking Lunch At Arbutus

We imagine it’s pretty rare to see a Michelin-starred restaurant in a round up of pre-pay day deals but Will Smith and Anthony Demetre’s Soho bistro has a surprisingly cheap working lunch.

For just £17.95 for two courses, you could be tucking in to dishes such as Smoked Chicken Cromesqui, Romesco Sauce, Picked Shallots and Stuffed Rabbit Leg, Pea Puree, Salsify, Broad Beans. Of course, you either have to work round the corner or have a very understanding boss to enjoy it – but we’ll leave the finer details up to you.

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beast cheap eats londonFour For The Price Of One At The Prince Arthur

Rather brilliantly London Field’s boozer The Prince Arthur has taken sustenance saving one step further by serving up a deal (practically) every day of the week.

Fish-lovers can ‘Sea Food & Eat It’ every Tuesday with 50% off all fish bought fresh that morning from Billingsgate Market; ‘Burger Me’ Wednesday’s mean patty fans can get a 100% Dexter Beef Burger with Bacon & Smoked Cheddar and Hand Cut Chips with a drink for just £10; grape enthusiasts can neck as much wine as they like for just £5 with a three course meal on Thursday’s ‘Vino Forever’; and finally on Friday’s those East London hipsters will be ‘Livin’ La Lobster Loca’ – with a whole lobster and chips for just £20. No need to thank us.

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