Best Casserole Dishes


With winter fast approaching and the cold nights drawing in, we are thinking of more robust flavours and warming comfort food. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to a fabulous persian lamb stew or a hearty soup, lovingly made and gently cooking in a casserole dish.
To make the perfect casserole you need the right pan. A good casserole dish is essential and can be an investment that will last for years to come. From a classic Le Creuset, to a more affordable La Cuisine, we have it covered with our guide to the best casserole dishes.
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What to See

le creusetLe Creuset Teal Oval Casserole

When we think of a casserole dish we think of Le Creuset and this fabulous, brightly coloured casserole dish is undoubtedly our favourite.

The cast iron pan is built to last. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and conducts the heat beautifully for slow cooking and serving. Every piece is made from an individual sand mould to make each casserole dish unique, making the higher price point worth every penny.

£145.00 House of Fraser

la cuisineLa Cuisine cast Iron family casserole

This wonderfully versatile cast iron casserole dish comes in at a great price point. whether cooking a soup on the hob, or a wonderfully oozy macaroni cheese in the oven it won’t let you down.

Pop it on the table for everyone and this great pan will keep the heat beautifully so everyone can go back for seconds!

£49.32 Tesco

simply blanc Simply Blanc Featherweight Cast Iron Casserole

Raymond Blanc has put all his years of culinary experience into designing the perfect cookware range for your kitchen and this casserole dish is no exception.

It’s featherlight yet durable enough to withstand high heats and maintain its non-stick quality. From frying to stewing this pan can be used for so many different dishes and it will last for years to come.

£70.00 John Lewis

lakelandVintage Enamel Large Bellied Pot

This large pot-bellied pot has a stunning vintage look that wouldn’t go amiss in Nigella’s kitchen. It has a steel core that retains heat for even cooking and the twice enamelled exterior keeps it chip, stain and scratch free for years to come.

The 4-litre capacity means you can cook up a huge family feast without any hassle.

£34.99 Lakeland

jamieJamie by Tefal

Jamie Oliver has truly designed his casserole dish to last. The stainless steel handles can endure up to 260 degree heat and the base is thermo-conductive so can be left on a hob without a worry.

The non-stick coating is metal-utensil safe so you won’t get any scratches and this bad boy will last for years.

£65.00 John Lewis


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