Best Brownies in London

the best brownies in London

Crumbly and cake-esque or with a fudge-like finish, whatever your preference there’s a brownie out there for everyone – and let’s face it, everyone, at least that I’ve ever met, loves a brownie. Personally, I love this all-American treat with a not too rich dark, dense middle and crisp top. Brownie purists may balk at the thought of adding extra ingredients but as I discovered there are some delightful brownie experiments happening across London that more than deserve a look in. Here’s our guide to the best brownies in London.
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Paul A Young

Paul-A-Young-brownie-pecanWhen I heard about Paul’s new Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jelly Brownie, I let out a little whoop. You’d expect a chocolatier to produce a brilliant brownie, and boy does he. Paul’s classic chocolate brownie is crisp on top with a dark, perfectly balanced ganache-like middle that despite its generous size, doesn’t leave you feeling beaten. While the peanut butter and jelly was indeed a revelation, it was the pecan brownie with its nutty crunch and buttery-ness that I kept all to myself.

From £3.50

Konditor & Cook

Konditor & Cook’s ‘Chocolate Chip Brownie’ was a perfect marriage of a not too rich, fudgy centre, akin to a flourless chocolate cake, with a lingering caramel finish and that all-important textured top. With gift boxes that can be posted nationwide, and flavours like ‘Curly Whirly’ and ‘Pecan Caramel’, just pick a reason, any reason, to celebrate and treat yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

From £2.20

Bad Brownie Salted Caramel

Bad Brownie

Greeted by a debauched selection of bite size brownies including best sellers, ‘Salted Caramel’, ‘Triple Chocolate’ and ‘Peanut Butter’, you just know Bad Brownie is going to live up to its name. This is the ultimate sharing box; the triple chocolate is rich, dark and fudgy while the salted caramel was begging for a scoop of ice cream but it was the ‘Peanut Butter’ that won my heart with it’s crunchy brittle finish.

From £3.50

Sweet Things

sweet things bakery browniesThe ‘Triple Chocolate Brownie’ from Sweet Things is my stalwart, the Colin Firth of brownies. It’s won awards and has just the right amount of chocolate to pick you up without sending you crashing into a sugary abyss. They come in a box of handy portion controlling, bite size pieces. And like the glint in Firth’s eye, there’s a sparkly finish adorning the satisfying crisp top. If you don’t believe me just ask Nigella, she’s a fan.

From £2.75

Batch Bakery

With over 50 different flavours, plus ice-cream sandwiches and sundaes, there’s a brownie for everyone at Batch. What I noticed first was that the chocolate tasted great. It was dark and really good quality. The ‘Milk Choc Chunk Brownie’ was rich and decadent – the ideal late-night dessert with an espresso to cut through the richness. Each brownie is beautifully boxed and a generous in portion too. Be warned, you have to be brave to polish off the ‘Salted Caramel’ in one sitting.

From £3

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