The Best American Food Recipes

american food recipes

It may be the land of hope and glory, but we care to think of America as the land of some seriously kick ass food!
They’ve got a whole lot more to them than a few burgers and hotdogs you know! We’ve got a whole load of amazing American recipes that you’d need a green card and a one-way ticket across the pond to beat. Here’s our guide to some American food recipes, happy Independence Day!
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What to See

american food recipesSlow cooked brisket buns

Brisket is a bbq classic made by slow cooking the tough breast joint of the cow to mouth wateringly tender perfection. But that’s not enough for us, so we think we’ll chuck a big pile of this sumptuous meat into a crusty roll and loaded it with smoky chilli sour cream!

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american food recipesChilli

Popular in the South of America because of their closeness to Mexico, chilli is a big deal to Americans. They have competitions to decide whose is the best, the spiciest, the most authentic, so trust us when we say chilli ain’t childsplay! This simple version is loaded with smoky spice, loads of mince and squidgy kidney beans.

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american food recipesChicken Jambalaya

A classic Creole dish, jambalaya was the famous dish of New Orleans during its wildest Mardi Gras days. A little like American paella, jambalaya is traditionally made in one big pot perfect for sharing, with loads of rice, spice and chicken. Add a traditional touch to your jambalaya with a few juicy prawns.

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american food recipesSpicy Baked Beans

Boston is famed for its baked beans, which are quite different from the Heinz us Brits know and love. With a much smokier flavour to them, these beans are calling out for a meaty addition of spicy chorizo. Cool it all down with a crumble of creamy feta and a few slices of crunchy toast.

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american food recipesMeat Ball Sub

The sub sandwich. An American beauty if we’ve ever seen one. With a fluffy roll, rich and spicy tomato sauce, tender meatballs and oozing mozzarella, a meatball sub is the best of the bunch, just serve it up with a few cold beers and jobs a good’un.

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american food recipesPulled Pork Sandwich

It seems you can’t read a menu nowadays without seeing pulled pork. And why not?! This incredible slow cooked pork dish is addictively tender, feeds loads of people for a good price and is just all round amazing. This incredible sandwich is loaded with pork, slaw and sticky BBQ sauce.

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american food recipesSalt Beef Bagel

Straight out of the delis of America, these salt beef bagels are what keep New York fed and happy at lunchtime. Tom Kerridge’s recipe takes a little patience, but the result is salty, mouth-watering beef in a sweet bagel smothered in cream cheese and fragrant dill.

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american food recipesCookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt

Cookie dough ice cream was made famous by a certain Ben and a certain Jerry, and although we love their creamy dreamy treat in a tub we just can’t get enough of this frozen yoghurt version. Lighter on the calories, this delicious frozen dessert is bursting with sweet soft cookie dough, all it needs is a drizzle of caramel.

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american food recipesPecan Pie

A slice of pie is an American dessert staple, and nothing screams Yankee Doodle more than a delicious pecan pie! A sticky filling brimming with sweet pecans, this is the perfect tea time treat with a slick of whipped cream or a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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