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So, we’re jumping on the bento box bandwagon, the hot new trend in desktop dining. Ditch the lame lunchbox and come and sit with the cool kids – you know you want to.

Bento boxes are awesome. With loads of little compartments it’s easy to create a multi-layered, delicious lunch that won’t send you into a spiral of depression/ running straight to the nearest sandwich shop. Gone are the days of opening a Tupperware full of indiscriminate mulch, it’s time to play with the big boys, and give your work-time meal the respect it deserves.
For lunchbox friendly recipes click here!

What to See

john lewisJohn Lewis

This rather snazzy Aladdin bento food flask has two compartments and will keep your food nice and warm all the way through till lunch time. Perfect for keeping rice and curry separately.

£22.99 John Lewis


This panda bento box from Etsy is possibly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. With two compartments for twice the fun, great for salads and pasta.

£19.95 Etsy 

black and blumBlack and Blum

This Black and Blum bento box is split into two, to keep your separates separate. It also comes with a crafty little container for sauce.

£15.95 Black and Blum

polar gearPolar Gear

Inexpensive yet effective, this polar gear bento box will keep everything just where you want it at marginal cost.

£4.99 Dunelm 

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