Beast Restaurant

beast restaurant London

King crab, plenty of steak and massive communal dining tables means Beast restaurant has finally opened.

beast restaurant LondonWith a set menu for £75, the focus at Beast restaurant is on their two hero products, Angus beef and Norwegian Red King crab. Seasonal sides, wicked desserts and one hell of a drinks list also feature at this kick ass new restaurant, just off Oxford Street.

Beast restaurant is all about letting their amazing ingredients shine. They have sourced their crabs from a company based in Bugøynes, a small town on the Norwegian-Russian border. These little (well, not so little really) beauties take pride of place in a massive crab tank, so that you can see exactly what you are having for your dinner.

Not to be outdone, and not for the faint hearted, Beast restaurant has a visible meat fridge, with their magnificent cuts of beef hanging in all their glory.

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