In Our Basket – Thai Red Curry

thai red curry

Thai red curry is a deliciously fragrant dish, full of warming chilli, soft herbs full of flavour and aromatic lemongrass. The real deal is made with a paste created by grinding all these fresh ingredients together, but who has the time to whack out the pestle and mortar when mid week comes around and you have a curry craving to satisfy fast.
We’ve rounded up three items that will make your life a little bit easier, here’s our guide to Thai red curry cheats.

Thai Red Curry Kit

This awesome kit has all your ingredients ready to go, so it gives that homemade feel and taste without any of the effort.

£2.09 Ocado 

Thai Red Chicken Curry

This fragrant curry is packed full of all those essential ingredients like lemongrass and sweet Thai basil, but only takes three minutes in the microwave!

£3.89 Waitrose 

Red Curry Paste

This thick and spicy paste is perfect for an authentic curry fast. Just squeeze the packet into a pan of sizzling chicken, add  coconut milk and voila! Dinner is served.

£0.70 Tesco 

thai red curry
thai red curry
thai red curry

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