A new chef at Balinese health resort

Balinese health resort

The wonderfully restorative surroundings of the Spa Village Tembok on the north-eastern coast of Bali are a sanctuary of calming pools and rejuvenating spa treatments. Now the health resort is bringing that same sense of health and wellbeing to their kitchen with a new executive chef, Martin Büchele. 

Austrian chef Büchele will stir-up his own brand of sophisticated and healthy cuisine within keeping of the luxurious feel of the Spa Village Tembok. Büchele’s healthy approach to cuisine is coupled with Bali’s seasonal local produce, fresh vegetables and herbs as well as an abundance of tropical fruits from dragonfruits to mangoes.

Bali’s fresh fish and seafood is both healthy and delicious with mackerel, tuna and snapper coming out of the sea and into the kitchen at health resort.

The approach to the menus at the resort is to harness the healing powers of ingredients so that guests will feel energised and healthy after their stay. They will also gain useful nutritional knowledge from Büchele’s approach to enhance digestion and detoxify.

Büchele will also take part in the upcoming School of Life Wellness Programmes by conducting consultations with guests at the Spa Villa Resort Tembok as well as designing personalised menus, tailored to your individual needs. At this school you can learn the nutritional and culinary know-how to bring home skills to live a healthier life. Probably the best holiday souvenir you could ever buy.

For more information visit www.spavillageresort.com

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