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natural wonders of australia

Australia has one of the most untamed and exciting landscapes on the planet. Dive into a world of baffling desert stones, deep underwater wonderlands and ancient meteor craters with our guide to the natural Australia attractions.
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What to See

natural wonders of australiaThe Pinnacles

Set in the desert surrounds of the Nambung National Park in wild Western Australia, The Pinnacles are a truly obscure looking phenomena of limestone rock formations. Jutting out of the sand covered desert floor as remnants of when the area was submerged under the Pacific Ocean, the Pinnacles document the history of the rich marine life as the shells of sea creatures create the rock formations, which tower up to 5m high. At sunset and dawn bizarre shadows are cast across the rippling sands.


natural wonders of australiaGreat Barrier Reef

As the world’s largest coral reef system the Great Barrier Reef sprawls over a 344,400sq m area. Just off the coast of Queensland this unique ecosystem draws marine biologists and divers to its intricate underwater world. More than 1,500 fish species live off the reef, alongside whales, turtles, rays, sharks and thousands of molluscs, not to mention the vast array of coral species. The cornucopia of colour given off by the coral make it a photographers dream, while the wildlife abundance is a truly magnificent sight.


natural wonders of australiaUluru

Also known as Ayers Rock Uluru in the Northern Territory is a sacred sandstone rock in Aboriginal culture. Sitting among the relatively flat surroundings Uluru juts abruptly out of the ground. Uluru can be climbed and explores around a 10km footpath it is most majestic at sunset and sunrise viewed from the ground as its colours shift from terracotta to violet with the changing light.


natural wonders of australiaDaintree Rainforest

Dating back over 100 million years the Daintree is the oldest rainforest in the world. Stretching from Mossman to Cooktown the rainforest straddles the Daintree River down to the coast. The flora and fauna offer ample wildlife spotting opportunities and the resident crocs bring the forest to life at night if you dare hang around long enough to find out.


natural wonders of australiaKatherine Gorge

Made up of 13 gorges Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory winds along the Katherine river with peaks and troughs of rusty red rocks to explore over 62 miles of walking trails. The gorge near Darwin was formed over 23 million years ago as torrents of water pushed through cracks in the earth. Canoes, cruises or walking tours will take in the best of the gorge from the ground or turn it up a gear with a helicopter flight above. Flying Doctor eat your heart out!



natural wonders of australiaWilpena Pound

At the centre of the Flinders Ranges National Park the Wilpena Pund is a natural amphitheatre. The round amphitheatre is made up of sedimentary rock formations and the round is actually comprised of two mountain ranges. The stunning landscape is home to emus, kangaroos and bird life.


natural wonders of australiaJenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are situated in the Blue Mountains and are made up of 11 subterranean caves. The limestone structures within them and the stalactite formations are phenomenal. At a constant 15 degree temperature the caves are perfect for walking tours to explore the hidden depths and wildlife that find their homes there.


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