Atul Kochhar Curries of the World

atul curries of the world

Think you know all there is to know about curries? Think again. Curries of the World, the latest cookbook from Michelin-starred chef.

Atul Kochhar, not only draws on the influences of Kochhar’s Indian roots, but also from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe – creating a seriously comprehensive guide to all things curry.

The sections include the usual chicken, pork, beef and fish, with some more unexpected chapters on game, lamb and goat, and duck and goose. Curries of the World is a real exploration of global cuisine, each recipe is introduced giving you some insight into the recipe’s origin, and the country it hails from is flagged up on each page. Atul Kochhar’s recipes include the likes of a creamy coconut East African Prawn Curry, rich and sour Cambodian Chicken Curry and the thrifty use of leftover fish in the Bangladeshi Fish Balls Curry. The recipes are presented simply alongside beautifully enticing photography, which will make you want to head to your spice cupboard to start cooking immediately.

It’s the perfect kitchen companion for those with a sense of culinary adventure.

Atul Kochar: Curries of the World

Curries of the World
by Atul Kochhar

Published by Absolute Press 2013, £20.00
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