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In the wake of today’s olive oil-gate, in which the EU has proposed a ban (effective of January 2014) on olive oil presented in open receptacles at the table, we thought we would pay homage to this bizarre revelation with a list of our favourite artisan olive oils.
Artisan oils because, as we all know, these will be the products hit hardest as a result of the ban – and because they are usually the yummiest.

What to See

Colonna extra virgin olive oilColonna is presented in a chianti-esque bottle, echoing its rich, decadent flavours and sophisticated bouquet.

This olive oil is a treat to behold, let alone to taste.

Waitrose, £18.25


alziari olive oil Alziere extra virgin olive oil is simply delicious. We love it at MSK for its subtle spicy flavour and mild, sweet undertones.

Harvey Nichols, £29.95

  PUNTA LICOSA olive oil Punta Licosa extra virgin olive oil looks like liquid gold and it tastes like nectar. A must-try for any oil-ficionado.

Selfridges, £16.99

Aristomenes 2012 Harvest Olive OilAristomenes 2012 Harvest Olive Oil is rich and herby, ideal for drizzling over bread or salads.

Fortnum and Mason, £12.50


A L'Olivier extra Virgin olive oil This extra virgin oil from A L’Olivier is fragrant yet mild, a delight for both dressings and cooking (something very special) with.

Harrods, £32.95


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